In 2009, the founding partners of the Drake Wellington Group of Companies decided to draw on two world-renowned historical figures and several of their traits and accomplishments in naming the firm.  


British Explorer, Sir Francis Drake, considered the first European explorer to discover the present-day British Columbian coastline in the 1500s, and fill in the map on this little known area of the New World. He led one of the earliest expeditions to circumnavigate the globe in a single expedition and his entrepreneurial nature, his efforts to explore and discover, shaped the early history of modern-day British Columbia.

The second figure, Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington, was a military and political strategist in the 1800s and twice served as Prime Minister to Britain. He was able to overcome astounding odds in as many as 60 famous battles, by employing unique and defensive strategic methods to win battles with far fewer men and resources than his opponents. One of his legacy accomplishments was in achieving an unlikely victory against Napoleon in the battle of Waterloo in 1815 and became one of the greatest defensive military commanders of all time.

Private Equity Investments

These investments are based on distinctive investment strategies that may not be available through typical stock and bond portfolios. With the introduction of a new Private Capital Regulatory regime in 2009, private investments are no longer available to just High Net Worth Individuals and Institutional Investors.

Insurance Solutions

At Drake Wellington, we take the complexity of the seemingly endless options in the insurance industry and distill it down to simple and open conversations, that lead us to the right insurance solution for yourself, your family and your Corporation.

Banking & Mortgages

At Drake Wellington, we believe that the bedrock foundation of any financial plan involves having the right relationship with your Banking, and Debt. If there are opportunities to save costs, then we like to help our clients maximize their banking and cash flow efficiency where possible.

Mortgage and banking referrals are made available through Drake Wellington Insurance Services Corporation and our referral network of trusted business associates and partnerships. Advisors of Drake Wellington do not act as a mortgage broker or lending professional directly.

Investments, Insurance and Banking & Mortgages are provided through our network of partnerships with the following organizations:

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