Private Equity Investments

Discover the potential of adding alternative investments and private equity to your portfolio.

Alternative Securities are often made up of non-market traded securities and can be added to complement more traditional portfolios of stocks, bonds and mutual funds in suitable circumstances. These investments often employ distinctive strategies that may not be easily available to stock, bond or mutual fund investors and can range from very complex securities to very straightforward.

Alternatives are not at the periphery anymore – they have become more mainstream. With the introduction of a new private market regulatory regime in 2009, Private Investments are no longer only available to high networth individuals and Institutional investors.

These investments often include sectors such as real estate, private equity, debt securities, hedge funds, and real assets with potential higher risk-adjusted returns. They also are associated with higher expected returns, with associated higher risks, including limited liquidity and reporting less frequently. Knowing if these investments could offer you value involves determining individual suitability and having a clear sense of a client’s specific objectives and one’s investor profile.

These private investments are made available through Raintree Financial Solutions, a Registered Exempt Market Dealer and are only available through Registered Dealing Representatives.

** Jeff Toews, Spencer McIntosh and Jeremy Wiebe are Registered Exempt Market Dealing Representatives through Raintree Financial Solutions to assist clients with Private Equity Investments.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Why should you work with a Portfolio Manager?

Raintree Financial Solutions has developed numerous relationships with independent Institutional Portfolio Managers groups across Canada. We believe there are many advantages to working with a Discretionary Portfolio Manager as opposed to buying individual retail investments commonly found through traditional financial institutions and single party advisors. Each Portfolio Manager is not created equal, but rather, they carry their own investment management styles and strategies into the services they provide.

Portfolio Managers have a fiduciary duty to act with care, honesty and good faith in the best interest of their clients. Therefore, all investment decisions must be independent, thus preventing conflicts of interest. This often results in a higher level of trust between Portfolio Managers and their clients.

All Portfolio Managers, and the firms they work for, must be registered. In order to become registered, they must meet strict financial reporting, capital and insurance requirements and the individual Portfolio Managers are required to have a high level of education and experience in the investment industry.

Portfolio Managers charge a fee based on a percentage of the investments they manage. This fee is transparent and typically less than retail management and distribution costs.

The fee is listed on client statements and as your assets grow to meet certain minimum thresholds, lower percentage management fees become available for higher capital investment platforms. The fees are not a commission that is based on the volume of buying or selling investments and can be significantly lower than standard mutual fund fees.

These Institutional Discretionary Portfolio Management options are made available by Referral, through Raintree Financial Solutions.*