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Our goal is to offer our clients meaningful and practical advice, based on a deep understanding of the Insurance & Investment Industry, to provide personal and corporate solutions to capture the most value for our client’s needs. We look forward to having an opportunity to work with you, better understand your unique situation, and custom tailor a solution to fit your needs.

Jeff Toews
CEO & Strategic Wealth Planner
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Jeff Toews was born and raised in the Greater Vancouver area and grew up with a strong sense of family and community. Jeff realized his entrepreneurial desire to succeed from a very early age and began with opening small businesses serving his close-knit community. Since then, Jeff has forayed into a variety of fields including automated sales, residential construction, computerized manufacturing, programming, robotics and engineering. Jeff is a life long learner and enjoys learning about a multitude of different subjects and industries.His top passion though, was in the area of financial solutions as he decided to start sharing his deepening financial knowledge with those around him. Jeff was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the traditional investments that are sold to retail investors and found the overall financial industry to be fraught with conflicts of interest. He had noticed that these conflicts of interest sometimes swayed advisors into providing shortsighted advice, or moved clients into directions that may not necessarily be best for the clients being served. Jeff’s objective is to empower individuals through solid financial education and by offering innovative financial strategies that have the potential to meaningfully move clients towards their goals and objectives. Jeff loves to share and teach others how to gain more financial traction within their numbers, through simple discussions, open and honest dialogue to help make the financial and insurance planning process easier to understand.

In 2009, Jeff was one of the core founders of the Drake Wellington Group of Companies and later in 2014, joined the Drake Wellington Insurance Services Corporation division as an Insurance Advisor. After seeing and analyzing a multitude of insurance strategies to provide family and business protection, Drake Wellington in his opinion, had the most solid solutions he had reviewed. The goals of this company were so closely matched to his own in terms of personal integrity, values, ethics and investing strategies that Jeff knew he wanted to partner and assist others in a fuller capacity. Through steady drive and determination, Jeff became the Senior Partner at Drake Wellington, and has been serving his clients ever since with Insurance based Investments and Insurance solutions.

Jeff Toews is happily married and a proud father to three growing children. His family is his primary motivation to continue to grow in the financial field and works to instil his industrious values in the lives of his children. Outside of work, Jeff enjoys taking his family on road trips, camping, exploring national parks, and making gourmet BBQ meals from scratch. Jeff also volunteers his time and resources with a number of community charitable organizations, as well as serves in several leadership group roles in the community.

Jeremy Wiebe
Partner and Insurance Advisor
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Jeremy Wiebe grew up in Greater Vancouver and has been a Private Wealth Advisor in the Exempt Market since 2015. He serves individuals, families and business owners seeking to protect and grow their wealth through insurance and financial strategies.

Jeremy joined Drake Wellington as a partner in 2019 to better service the insurance and financial needs of his individual, family and corporate clients. As he discovered the many benefits and wide range of insurance services that could be tailored to the specific needs of individuals and businesses, he came to understand what a fundamental part insurance plays in a sound financial strategy.

Before working in the investment and insurance industry, Jeremy worked in business development with family owned enterprises. There he encountered many budding entrepreneurs and successful business owners looking for new places to invest and better ways to protect their wealth. Before transitioning to a business and finance career, Jeremy also taught ethics and philosophy in Canadian universities for 5 years. Jeremy continues to further his education and received his Qualified Associate Financial Planner(QAFP), Certified Financial Planner(CFP) and his Chartered Investment Manager(CIM) designations.

In addition to being a partner with Drake Wellington, Jeremy is a Private Wealth Advisor with Raintree Financial Solutions which serves the exempt market needs of families and business owners. Raintree provides alternative private investment opportunities and referrals to portfolio managers for investors.

Outside of work, he enjoys running, snowboarding, time spent with family and friends, supporting charitable causes, and travelling with his wife and two kids.

Katherine McPhee
Insurance Advisor
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Katherine was exposed to the financial and insurance industry through her father at an early age. She saw first-hand the positive impact that investment advice and insurance security can have on individuals, families, and companies.

In 2013 while working on her Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Victoria she completed her life insurance certification and joined the insurance industry. She has also completed her Canadian Securities Course.

She is passionate about comprehensive financial planning. After studying for several years she attained her Certified Financial Planner CFP® and Chartered Life Underwriter CLU designations in 2016. These help her provide holistic financial planning in the areas of tax, wealth management and estate planning. In spring of 2019 she completed the Certified Health Insurance Specialist designation which delved greater into critical illness, disability and long term care insurance.

She enjoys hiking both in the beautiful Fraser Valley and Victoria where she currently lives with Alex, her partner of 11 years. She is a member of Advocis and FP Canada.

Charles McPhee
Senior Insurance Advisor
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Charles McPhee started his career as a wealth advisor in Vancouver. Over more than thirty years, he has helped families achieve their goals and dreams by providing sound financial investment options and insurance for protection along the way.Focusing on providing important knowledge and expertise to his clients has been, and still is, Charles’ true passion. As his business has grown and matured, his goals and dreams have changed as well. His strategic plan is to continue helping his clients with his daughter and Insurance Advisor, Katherine McPhee, now working alongside him.

Charles works with other professionals providing independent financial advice and offering his clients the best solutions to help them achieve their personal and financial goals.

Charles is happily married and has four adult children that he loves to spend quality time with. He also enjoys reading, gardening, and hockey as well as volunteering in his community to make a positive impact in the lives of those around him.

Curtis Haigh
Curtis Haigh
Insurance Advisor - Associate Advisor, Licensed with Precision Financial and Benefits
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Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Curtis began his career in the financial services industry in 2001 while working with his father, who administers one of Canada’s largest specialty market Third Party Administrators (TPA) of pension and group insurance services. Further in this role, he gained tremendous knowledge regarding the administration and development of group insurance, pension and retirement products. Additionally, his primary duties was to liaise with the TPA’s primary stakeholders and partners, hence aiding in the negotiation of benefit delivery with the Federal Government. Likewise, relationship management was one of his strongest qualities and in 2004 he decided to take his passion for helping his clients meet their financial goals to the next level. Curtis became licensed to offer individual financial planning as an independent advisor.

While his primary career was still financial and estate planning, he saw the benefit alternative investments could have in building people’s financial future and made the decision to become more involved in the private equity securities business. Most noteworthy, Curtis became registered in the province of Saskatchewan to offer Exempt Market Products (EMD). Consequently, his registered exempt market dealer Raintree Financial Solutions has provided him with many opportunities whereby he could provide his clients with unique investment options. These investments have traditionally been only accessible to high net worth individuals. Curtis is licensed in BC as an Insurance Advisor.

Curtis has enjoyed working with individual clients from all age groups and professions. He has spent countless hours educating himself on the complex and evolving financial planning industry and obtaining professional designations; and is certainty active in the community. Curtis lives in Saskatoon with his wife Kristen and daughter Isabelle. He enjoys playing (and making) guitars, playing in his band, spending time with his family and friends in the summer months and traveling.

Spencer McIntosh
Partner and Insurance Advisor
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Spencer first became interested in financial literacy and the importance of financial planning in post-secondary. While studying business he realized the importance of understanding money regardless of industry or profession, being financially literate, and the power good financial planning can make over the long term.

In 2021, he finished his Bachelor of Business Administration specializing in finance and shortly after achieved his Certified Financial Planner designation, exempt market proficiency license, and insurance certification.

Spencer joined Drake Wellington in 2021 to provide a wider range of services to his individual, family, and corporate clients. Having personally experienced the powerful effects thorough insurance and estate planning can have, as well as the strain of disregarding it until it’s too late, he came to appreciate what a critical component it was of a strong financial plan.

Spencer functions as a Partner with Drake Wellington and a Private Wealth Advisor with Raintree Financial Solutions.

Personally, he enjoys tennis, biking, disc golf, spending time with his friends and family, and volunteering.


Natalia Toews
Chief Operations Officer
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Natalia was ​born in El Salvador and moved to North Vancouver when she was 5 years old. ​Having lived in the Lower Mainland for nearly all of her life, she has grown up with a strong sense of community and family values. She has always had compassion for people​, a warm caring nature​ and a deep love for children.​Natalia ​attended Douglas College​ in New Westminster BC, and was able to improve her skills and knowledge to seek out a career that she would enjoy working in​. ​Natalia ​joined the team at Vancity Savings Credit Union, Canada’s largest Credit Union and​ which was​ consistently named one of Canada’s top employers. ​Natalia really enjoyed getting to know a large number of clients, and being able to assist them with their financial needs was very enjoyable for her. Natalia worked at Vancity for 6 years in many capacities in the Financial Services area before changing her focus to raising a family. ​​

​In late 2015, Natalia stepped in to a lead Operations role at Drake Wellington Group of Companies, and is focused on improving systems, and addressing a number of operational aspects of the company. Her organizational skills are an asset to the team, and will serve the clients and team very well, through her thoughtful and personable approach.

​​Natalia and​ her husband​ Jeff​,​ have three beautiful children and ​feel very fortunate and blessed to ​have been able to be a stay-at-home mom​ in the kids’ early years before they started attending elementary school​. Natalia enjoys taking care of her family and developing strong and meaningful relationships with other​s. She also ​enjoys reading, taking road trips, camping, sunshine and experiencing the beauty of nature with her family. ​Natalia has found that some of the most rewarding things in life involve quality time with family and friends.​ Natalia is very involved with volunteering at their school, and in her community in Surrey, BC.​


Our Specialties

Private Equity Investments

Insurance Solutions

Banking and Mortgages

These investments are based on distinctive investment strategies that may not be available through typical stock and bond portfolios. With the introduction of a new Private Capital Regulatory regime in 2009, private investments are no longer available to just High Net Worth Individuals and Institutional Investors. Private Equity investments are made available through Raintree Financial Solutions.

At Drake Wellington, we take the complexity of the seemingly endless options in the insurance industry and distill it down to simple and open conversations, that lead us to the right insurance solution for yourself, your family and your Corporation.

At Drake Wellington, we believe that the bedrock foundation of any financial plan involves having the right relationship with your Banking, and Debt. If there are opportunities to save costs, then we like to help our clients maximize their banking and cash flow efficiency where possible.