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Jeff Toews was born and raised in the Greater Vancouver area and grew up with a strong sense of family and community. Jeff realized his entrepreneurial desire to succeed from a very early age and began with opening small businesses serving his close-knit community. Since then, Jeff has forayed into a variety of fields including automated sales, residential construction, computerized manufacturing, programming, robotics and engineering. Jeff is a life long learner and enjoys learning about a multitude of different subjects and industries.His top passion though, was in the area of financial solutions as he decided to start sharing his deepening financial knowledge with those around him. Jeff was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the traditional investments that are sold to retail investors and found the overall financial industry to be fraught with conflicts of interest. He had noticed that these conflicts of interest sometimes swayed advisors into providing shortsighted advice, or moved clients into directions that may not necessarily be best for the clients being served. Jeff’s objective is to empower individuals through solid financial education and by offering innovative financial strategies that have the potential to meaningfully move clients towards their goals and objectives. Jeff loves to share and teach others how to gain more financial traction within their numbers, through simple discussions, open and honest dialogue to help make the financial and insurance planning process easier to understand.

In 2009, Jeff was one of the core founders of the Drake Wellington Group of Companies and later in 2014, joined the Drake Wellington Insurance Services Corporation division as an Insurance Advisor. After seeing and analyzing a multitude of insurance strategies to provide family and business protection, Drake Wellington in his opinion, had the most solid solutions he had reviewed. The goals of this company were so closely matched to his own in terms of personal integrity, values, ethics and investing strategies that Jeff knew he wanted to partner and assist others in a fuller capacity. Through steady drive and determination, Jeff became the Senior Partner at Drake Wellington, and has been serving his clients ever since with Insurance based Investments and Insurance solutions.

Jeff Toews is happily married and a proud father to three growing children. His family is his primary motivation to continue to grow in the financial field and works to instil his industrious values in the lives of his children. Outside of work, Jeff enjoys taking his family on road trips, camping, exploring national parks, and making gourmet BBQ meals from scratch. Jeff also volunteers his time and resources with a number of community charitable organizations, as well as serves in several leadership group roles in the community.